UKCPS Open Annual Exhibition 2020 - Award Winners


UKCPS 19th Annual Open Exhibition 2020

Held online

Award Winners

Lisa Ann Watkins UKCPS: Polar Reflection - Best Picture in Exhibition
Jesse Lane: Labyrinth - Best Pure Coloured Pencil
Kinsey Lane: Knight of the Savannah - Best Picture Nature Category
Judith Selcuk UKCPS Silver: Illumination of Innocence - Best Picture Open Category
Debra Yaun - Summer Immersion - UKCPS President’s Award
David Sandell UKCPS Silver: God and Soldier 2 - The Pat Heffer Award
Rhonda Dicksion: Raindance - The Coloured Pencil Shop Creative Composition Award

Carol Leather: Barn Owl - Highly Commended Nature
Charlie Askew: The River Tame, Delph - Highly Commended Nature
David Sandell UKCPS Silver: Mother's Hat - Highly Commended Open
Victoria Manser UKCPS Silver: Forrest - Highly Commended Open


Selection Judges
Simon Trapnell. Director at Nature in Art. Nature in Art website
Tom Shepherd. Professional Artist. Website
Carl Gamble. Teaching art @ SAA. SAA Website

Awards Judge
Anna Marie Brown