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I started drawing in 2016, having fallen in love with coloured pencils and colouring books and not having done any drawing since I left school in 1987. Things happened pretty quickly, and by the end of 2016 I had four months full commission books, a plan for the future, and in January 2017 I became a full time artist.

Fast forward two years, my business is growing month on month, my social media following has grown extensively, I’m still a commissioned artist with a long wait list, I teach coloured pencil on a one-to-one basis, on-line via my Patreon channel, across the UK, and have workshops booked in the US, South Africa, the Netherlands and Dubai in 2020, with my first US teaching debut being September 2019. I have also included some further workshops in the UK that are around confidence and strategy planning for artists, being a qualified executive coach and having trained in the leadership & development world, I am bringing all my past skills into practice to further help my students, some just want to draw, some would like to build a business and perhaps move into teaching, I am sharing my knowledge so they can do just that.

All of my teaching stems from my core values - kindness, sharing and support. I teach to pass on techniques so that others can learn, grow and develop. I can think of nothing better than seeing people succeed and follow their dreams, and to be a part of that, however small, is just wonderful.