© Raji Mahesh

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I have no formal art education. This has enabled me to develop my own style of drawing by moving away from the straitjacket of orthodoxy. My drawings are a testament to how unassuming pencils and pens can create images filled with dynamism and vivacity. I strive to create drawings with energetic lines, bold colours and richly layered textures. Recently, I have expanded my subject scope by drawing completely from my imagination, and diving into difficult topics affecting society in my work. Each piece of art I produce has a personal story behind it.

There Is No Planet B Competition 2021
Group Show featuring The Illusion of Progress (First Prize)

Macclesfield Open Art Exhibition
Group Show featuring the Resilient Allium’s End of Season, Give Me More Care, and Reflections in the Pond

Three Counties Open Art Exhibition
Group Show featuring Give Me More Care

Three Counties Open Art Exhibition
Group Show featuring Essex Bridge

Ancient High House, Stafford
Group Show featuring Stafford Greenway

Guildhall Gallery, Stafford
Group Show featuring Cannock Chase Woodlands