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I've been drawing and painting all my life but after my teen years I created art only occasionally and without really knowing what to do with my desire to be creative. In 2020, with a lot of time spent indoors, I had the opportunity to find out, and for the first time since my Art A-Level my artistic output became consistent. It was also with far less of the worry about the results being "good"; now the process of art has become a source of joy - and a kind of meditation - for me.

After studying art at GCSE and A-Level, when I sold pet portraits to teachers at my school, I went on to read English at university. While there I also studied modules in Art History and loved pretty much every minute of those lectures; I was a frequent visitor to National Gallery in Edinburgh. Since then I have mainly worked as a university library assistant and rare books cataloguer.

My main subject interests are horses and dogs, human portraiture, and botanical depictions. As I used to dabble in oil and watercolour painting I hope to return to using those media in the near future (although I will need to raise funds by selling drawings first, as I've spent too much on pencils!). However the act of putting pencil to paper is probably the artistic discipline I will focus on the most in the foreseeable future.

Thanks for reading!