© Jeff Morland


I started drawing around 20 years ago but up until recently it has been in a bit of a hit and miss way. My health situation changed quite dramatically earlier this year which meant that I am not as active as I once was. So this seemed like the right time to revisit my coloured pencil collection in earnest and re-engage with the medium.

My main interest is portraiture along with a bit of fantasy art. My main pencils are Derwent Artists, Studio and Coloursoft although I do use pencils from other ranges occasionally. I like to use either Stonehenge paper or Bristol Board. Recently, I have started to experiment with black sufaces but haven't produced anything decent yet.

I have had no formal art training so I tend to just go with what I feel is right in an image. I do use drawing reference books and watch the odd YouTube tutorial though. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn't. I'm learning as I go along.