© Vincent Stroud

I'm a hobby artist and have spent all my life painting and drawing. I have been experimenting  with coloured pencils over the last couple of years enjoying the challenge of  striving for realism without it looking too photographic. I sketch quickly from life in pen and wash and work from sketches and photos from home. I enjoy drawing buildings and interiors but my main interest is drawing people doing everyday things

Selected for the TALP Open exhibition: 2023 'In Earnest'
Highly Commended at TALP Open 2023 and winner of the LP Highly Commended Award: 'Old and Cold'
Talking Point Cottages competition winner - 'Anstruther' March 2022.
Solo Exhibition at The Welsh Rarebit Centre, Brecon.
Talking Point third prize - 'A Chirp on my Shoulder' March 2021