© Denise Norman

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I am a Kent-based artist.

Like many, I loved to draw as a child.  However, I dropped art in secondary school and did not revisit it. Roll forward three decades and my search to find something to help me escape and switch off from work at the end of the day, led me back to art.

Working only in coloured pencils, my love for the medium stems, I think from being able to control every mark, something I cannot do with paint, tried and failed that, not that I am obsessive!

I have a passion for nature and my drawings lean to three themes, pets, wildlife and flowers, along with an enthusiasm for vibrant colour and a fascination of light. 

Each drawing provides me with a fresh opportunity to learn and progress.  I am in awe of what some artists have been able to achieve with a mere pencil.

I continue to work full-time in administration and use every spare moment to practice improving my craft.  I may have come to art later in life, but it would be an absolute dream come true to switch to a creative career path and turn this wonderfully fulfilling hobby into a profession.  You are never too old to learn something new or to change your life! 

My wish is to hopefully one day receive a pet portrait commission or sell a piece of my art.  If nothing else, I hope my drawings bring joy and make you smile.