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Hi, I'm Louise, a recent new member of UKCPS. I am a single Mum and live in London with my daughter Sarah, aged 7.

I only recently discovered that I had a talent for drawing - I took up colouring for Mindfulness at the start of 2018 and thoroughly enjoyed it. 6 months later I decided to pick up a pencil and have a go at "proper drawing" and I surprised myself with a hidden talent. From there I quickly moved onto coloured pencils, which I absolutely love and are now my preferred medium.

I specialise in animals and pet portraits and have had a steady flow of commissions in the year I have been drawing. I have also developed and launched a range of greetings cards. I have lots of ideas for the future both in terms of a wider range of subjects and a wider range of products. I am continually looking to develop my skills and am excited that this is just the start of a journey that I am absolutely loving so far!