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Having always been interested in creativity and art as a child, like many I now have the time to devote to this wonderful pastime. I’ve worked with all mediums over the years, and have also had a lot of fun creating 'assemblage art' and mixed media work.

However, a few years ago, I started experimenting with graphite pencils and was amazed at the array of choices there are of this medium. I also discovered how there is much more to an eraser than getting rid of mistakes! Again with a few to choose from including my favoured battery operated eraser, highlighting, creating shiny fur, and generally bringing a piece of work alive became exciting and not daunting.

It was a natural progression to move onto coloured pencils and to discover how professional coloured pencils differ enormously from the cheaper pencils I'd used when colouring with my children / grandchildren for example. How easy they are to blend and the different properties between wax based and oil based. Not to mention the various tools which can be used to create finer details such as whiskers and fine hairs!

My subject matters are animal portraits; but I am not content to create a piece of art and leave it on one side in my art room. I have the need to produce work for a purpose; that people want on their wall; and if I can make a little bit of money through selling them, even better!

This was how 'Unique Pet Pawtraits' was born. I am slowly building it whereby I am now taking commissions and thoroughly enjoying the continual learning process through tutorials and help from other brilliantly talented artists of the same genre and medium.

SAA - just chosen as part of their Saturday Showcase Campaign on 1st August 2020

AppArt - 2017 annual exhibition in Godalming
AppArt - 2018 annual exhibition in Godalming

Guildford Art Society - Spring exhibition Mar 2019